Raw Unsprayed Peruvian Olives from Goji King

Raw Unsprayed Peruvian Olives

The Olive tree is an evergreen tree or shrub. The small white flowers, with four-cleft calyx and corolla, two stamens and bifid stigma, are borne generally on the last year's wood, in racemes springing from the axils of the leaves. It is short and squat, and rarely exceeds 815 meters in height. The silvery green leaves are oblong in shape, measuring 410 cm long and 13 cm wide. The trunk is typically gnarled and twisted.

The Olive is the fruit of the Olive tree. The fruit is a small drupe 12.5 cm long, thinner-fleshed and smaller in wild plants than in orchard cultivars. Olives are harvested at the green stage or left to ripen to a rich purple colour (black olive). Canned black olives may contain chemicals that turn them black artificially.

It is well known that Olive is native to the Mediterranean, Asia and parts of Africa, however, it is not entirely true, as there are also Olives in Peru, where our Peruvian Olives are coming from. They contain no salt, no oil, no herbs, and have not been cured. They sun-dried, ripe unsprayed olives from Peru.

Peruvian olives are excellent sources of calcium. They are unsalted, sun-dried, and great at dissolving mucus. Our Peruvian Olives contain no agro chemicals, and 100% untouched. It is a top alkalizing fruit.

These are different methods to prepare Peruvian Olives. You can soak these olives. For example, you can fill up olive jar with pure water. If desired, add 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt to jar. Olives become silky-soft after 3 days. Store in refrigerator. You can also marinate these peruvian sundried olives in salad dressing, grind into pate's, marinate with spices and olive oil or water and sea salt or make a raw putenesca sauce. For exmaple, you can soak olives first, then drain it, then rinse again, drain well. Then you can fill with garlic butter.

Some people also add half teaspoon rosemary, 1 teaspoon thyme, 1 teaspoon oregano (preferably fresh, dry also works). You may add any other herbs of your choice.

Some people at first thought this olive was too bitter but then they developed a taste or "craving" for them. They are very filling, a great compliment to raw and vegan lifestyles. These organic sundried peruvian olives are hand-picked and put into the jars with no processing.

Note on taste These olives taste very strong and oily.

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